Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Club: Outstanding in Their Field

Elizabeth Ghaffari (Author Interview: Elizabeth Ghaffari on Women in the Workplace, 7/20) has developed discussion questions for women who want to read Outstanding in Their Field: How Women Corporate Directors Succeed for their reading group or book club.

A few examples:
  1. Has this book changed your thoughts about what women can or cannot accomplish in their personal or professional lives, today? Why or why not?
  2. Is there one director in particular that you would like to meet? Do you have a "favorite" director? Why?
  3. The author cites six lessons learned, overall, from all her research. Pick one lesson and discuss how any two of the women learned their lessons differently.
  4. What do you think were some of the common strong, early influences cited by the women directors?
  5. How did the women directors deal with prejudices they encountered during their careers?

For the full list of discussion questions, visit the book's webpage here.

For more information on Outstanding in Their Field, visit

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