Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are You Ready for Your Oscars Party? Step into the Kitchen with Cooking with the Movies

Prepare a feast for your Oscars party this Sunday! And what's more fun than a themed menu featuring recipes your favorite character in True Grit might have eaten while riding across the West or re-creating the strawberry-filled vanilla cupcakes from Black Swan. You can go literal, or you can be a bit more creative in your choices. My personal fave to go with one of my favorite movies of the year, The Social Network, comes from today's USA Today article, "Oscar party foods give a nod to movie nominees." Sushi and pizza bites!

The cooking and the eating are definitely big pluses to throwing a big Oscars bash. But just like the protagonists and the dialogue and the props, the food in films is oftentimes just as important to the plot. In The Kids are All Right, almost every major conversation takes place over a meal. The more obvious example is the dominance of pies in Waitress. In today's USA Today article, co-author Anthony Chiffolo says he and Rayner Hesse Jr. wanted to include films in which "the food actually becomes a character." Throughout the years, many films have featured food in either direct or indirect ways to advance a plot. Cooking with the Movies is filled with recipes from movies like Babette's Feast, Chocolat, Goodfellas, Gosford Park, Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored, Titanic, Tortilla Soup, and Waitress.

Check out the recipe for Steamed Asparagus Rolled in Prosciutto (featured in Mostly Martha).

For more information on Cooking with the Movies, click here.

Did you miss the interview with the authors? Watch it here.

Now get cookin'! 
--Rachel Neal, ABC-CLIO Publicity Assistant

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