Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Author Videos Go Live!

AASL President-Elect, school librarian, and author, Carl A. Harvey provides easy ways to involve your principal in your school library. More tips like these can be found in his book, No School Library Left Behind.

Helen Adams, former Wisconsin school library media specialist and technology coordinator, gives helpful ways to overcome censorship in your library. Further reading on this topic can be found in her book, Ensuring Intellectual Freedom and Access to Information in the School Library Media Program.

Author and consultant Joseph Matthews provides three easy ways to create a more customer-focused library. More tips like these can be found in his new book, The Customer-Focused Library: Re-Inventing the Public Library From the Outside-In.

Bob Dugan, Dean of Libraries at University of West Florida and author, presents applicable tips on improving your library through metrics assessment. Dugan coauthored the book, Viewing Library Metrics from Different Perspectives, with Peter Hernon, who can be found in this video conveying the importance and advantages of using metrics in your library.

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