Monday, October 3, 2011

Information Literacy Awareness

October is National Information Literacy Awareness Month.

Click here to find all about events and activities to support information literacy.

ABC-CLIO is a major publisher of materials to support information literacy. Through two of our imprints, Libraries Unlimited and Linworth, we publish materials for educators, students, and library professionals to enhance the understanding of and instruction in information literacy skills. Wonderful new and forthcoming books like:

Information Literacy and Information Skills Instruction: Applying Research to Practice in the 21st Century School Library, Third Edition 
By Nancy Pickering Thomas, Sherry R. Crow and Lori L. Franklin 
Pub date: 6-13-2011 
Imprint: Libraries Unlimited

Concise Guide to Information Literacy (forthcoming)
By: Scott Lanning Phil Roche 
Pub date: 3-30-2012 
Imprint: Libraries Unlimited

The Big6 Workshop Handbook: Implementation and Impact, Fourth Edition 
By: Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz 
Pub date: 3-25-2011 
Imprint: Linworth

What are you doing to build information literacy in your school and library? We are here to help you. Check us out!

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Brought to you by Sharon Coatney, editor of The Many Faces of School Library Leadership (Libraries Unlimited, 2010)

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